Performance Hydrophobic Self Healing Paint Protection Films
That Glittering Pearl Finish

Everything you want and need from CrystGard™  HX Pearl, with the aesthetics of glitter PEARL finish. Feel confident your vehicle is protected preserving your paint and giving you an excellent simulated metal flake finish.

Once applied this PPF film will  transform your car into a multicoloured sensation.   These series of custom finish is the coming trend for darker coloured cars.  

Maximum Protection and Great Looks

Like any other series of the CrystGard™  Paint Protection Film, the pearl finish films are applied to protect the surface of your vehicle.  It will protect your paint work from stone chips and general wear and tear.
A Positive Start to Protection

CrystGard™  paint protection film helps to protect the surface of the vehicle and saves the cost used for repairing the damage.  This lessen the damage on the exterior of the car and is a positive start towards protection of your car.

This film is coated with color-shifting micro-prismatic particles, 
polycaprolactone based, aliphatic TPU (thermal polyurethane) film. It is a low gel, non-yellowing, UV-resistant film used in a wide range of outdoor exposed vehicle protection applications.


Tensile Strength ASTM D 882
60 Mpa

Elongation ASTM D 882
760 %

Tear Strength ASTM D 1938
10.5 kg

Peel Strength In Heat 168 hours at 70 0C
800 N/m

Peel Strength in Humidity 168 hours in 95% RH
800 N/m

Weathering in Heat 168 hours in 70 0C
No change

Weathering Corrosion 24 hours in salt spray
No change

Weathering Xenon Arch 1250 KJ/M2
No change

Outdoor Exposure 24 hourss in 40 0C water
No change

Paint Chipping Gravelometer SAE J4000

Wear Resistance Taber Abrasion
No wear through

Shrinkage 30 minutes at 120 0C

Base Film 8.0 mil
Adhesive 2.0 mil
Release Liner 3.0 mil

Removable, repositionable, non-yellowing, crystal-clear high performance acrylic adhesive.